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This photograph was taken last August (2001) around 2am in the morning. The picture was taken with a Canon 35mm professional set-up with Kodak gold 400 speed film. The night was clear, and some of the light dots in the background of the tree appear to be stars. To see the full effect of the picture, enlarge it (zoom in).. The orbs were not visible to the naked eye. They didn't show up on the video tape that my wife was running either. The lens of the camera was clean, and there was no lights in the background either (other than stars). The second photo is of the same tree the next day. Let the viewer be the judge. Also, shortly after photo was taken, the new battery in the camera and the fully charged battery pack for the camcorder went dead.

Submitted by Vinny & Lisa DiVergilio, Watertown, Ct.


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